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Show Reports

2022 National Show
2022 Fremont Winter Show
2022-08-20 Superior Pigeon Association
2022-09-17 Fremont Ohio Young Bird Show
2022-10-01 Top of Ohio Young Bird Show
2022-10-08 Bay City Young Bird Show
2022-11-05 Western Michigan Pigeon Association
2022-10-22 National Young Bird Show
2022-11-17 Pageant of Pigeons

2021 NORCAL Rare Breeds
2021 Premier Show Utah
2021 Fremont Winter Show
2021 Western MI Show
2021 Great Western

2020-01-04 Fremont Winter Show
2020-11-13 Southern Classic Show
2020-11-13 Salt Lake Premier Show

2019-12-06 Iowa State Pigeon Show

2019-11-30 Faircount Pigeon Show

2019-12-21 Sheboygan Lakeshore Pigeon Club Fall Show

2019-11-30 Watertown Pigeon Show

2019-10-12 Great Western

2019-12-07 NorCal Winter Classic

2019-11-01 Salt Lake Premier Show

2019-12-21 Top of Ohio

2019-10-05 Bay City Michigan Young Bird Show

2019-10-26 National Young Bird Show

2018-02 Indiana Pigeon Show

2018 NPA Grand National Show

2017 Great Weatern

2017 Minnesota State

2017 NorCal Winter Classic

2017 Pageant of Pigeons

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