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Special Newsletter Edition

The idea of this organization first came forth through the pages of the old United Pigeon Fanciers bulletin. Enthusiastic response came forth from this article concerning the plight of rare breeds, convincing one man (Paul Steiden - Founder of the RBPC) that this was needed and wanted. In May 1971 Paul Steiden issued the first bulletin. Our first charter member was Bob Scadd of Evansville, IN. We have been an organization since 1971, issuing bulletins except for a 30-month period of inactivity. On Dec. 31, 1971, 106 charter members were installed. In May of our second year, our membership was 451, but since then has varied. The RBPC is an organization that promotes and encourages the keeping of many wonderful breeds of pigeons that for one reason or another are vanishing from our lofts. Rae Breeds do not rank high with the whole group of pigeon lovers, but have caught the whim of a few fanciers, and have charmed their way into a permanent place in many lofts. These fanciers continue to be dedicated supporters of their favorite but little known breeds. Rare breed fanciers have had little or no competition in many shows, but faithful ones still enter their rare ones. We encourage fanciers to keep a few pairs of rare breeds in their loft along with the more popular breeds. We hope, through the RBPC to band together those fanciers for their common good, to promote their favorite breeds of pigeons, and to prevent them from passing from existence, like the Passenger Pigeon, which is our club logo, though not the same species.

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